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Top 10 Mysterious YouTube Channels

Do you know the Top 10 Mysterious YouTube Channels that exist?
Today in Digital World, everyone making Youtube Channel. People are searching “How to make a youtube channel” & how to get more Youtube subscribers because YouTube is a second largest search engine in the world. It is a great source of entertainment. Whenever you feel bored, just open YouTube and see some Nice and Entertaining videos. But do you know that every minutes worth videos were being uploaded? Some of Channels videos are Mysterious and that we discuss today.

1. Benzamin Bennett
Benjamin Bennett is an American You Tuber who uses YouTube and Google Hangouts on air to live stream himself sitting and smiling at the camera in his series "Sitting and Smiling".

He made one video 2 weekly and each of his videos typically lasts for four hours, during which time Benzamin sits patiently staring into the camera with a constant smile on his face. Although he made channel in December 2013, his first video (live stream) was created on 28 July 2014. A lot of people ask him why he doing that. Long time it was a mystery why he doing that, but he explained. He said that when he joined to YouTube no one had a similar channel. All he does in terms of preparation is to drink a little water and take a pee beforehand. He insists that he never gets hungry during the live streaming and that he doesn’t really eat much food on the days that he makes the videos. During his 5th video, someone actually broke into Benzamin’s house, he did not react. Benjamin said he didn’t react because whatever was going to happen in that situation would have made a great video. Benzamin made 287+ video till date.
Benzamin Bennett Channel Video

2. Webdriver Torso
Webdriver Torso is a YouTube automated channel, created by Google on 7 March 2013. When you open this channel, it automatically changes to blue & red color and each video lasts about 15-20 second. All these videos are a combination of red and blue blocks accompanied by an irritating beep noise. Nobody knows what this is and why this page is exists on YouTube. Some people said that this channel run by Aliens but you’ll never find out the truth. It uploaded an average of one video every 20 seconds but every single video has the caption "aqua.flv" in the bottom-left corner.

Italian Blogger Soggetto Ventuno done extensive investigation on this channel and found out that this channel is run by employee of Google Zurich.

But if this channel really run by Aliens of whichever Planet then the question is what they are trying to give message via videos? It’s a big Mystery.

Webdriver Torso Channel Video

3. Hi Walter! It’s me Patrick!

This is a YouTube channel which has just one video. Yes, just one. It is named “Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!” And in this video, a person named Patrick says that he got a new girlfriend. Nothing seems weird right? You just wait and watch. This video takes a weird and unexpected turn. Click here to find out on below video.
The video was posted in 2011 on YouTube but became a sensation last October after an Internet forum user suggested the bound girl looked like Berg. 2 Men and 1 Women from New York are there behind to make this video.
    Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!
4. Nasa Jim 108
Nasa Jim 108 is a Strange YouTube channel which is believed to be created by an Ex-NASA engineer. He claims to have worked for NASA since 1989 to 2004. You will find that the videos available on this channel are focused on NASA and Alien relations. When you visit the about column of this page. You will find a note that says: “This is a series of videos which my client requested to be released after his death”. Is it Strange for you?
He mentioned in some of videos that Alien exist in idea and they can travel by language. He might be talking with aliens at some point but don’t want to expose. See his all video to know more.
 Nasa Jim 108 Channel Video

5. Ms. Porcelain Doll
Ms. Porcelain Doll is a Canadian YouTube Channel. If you have guts and courage then and only you should watch this channel videos. Do you believe in haunted dolls? Then this channel is perfect for you. This channel is crowded with creepy videos of dolls. This is certainly not for the weak-hearted. This is bound to give you nightmares for more than a month. So watch all videos of this channel with care.
   Ms.Porcelain Doll Channel Video

6. Robert Helpmann
Robert Helpmann is most Disturbing and Creepy You tube Channel and it has nothing to do with being a ‘Helpmann’ or Handyman of Helper. This channel has a pile of videos which feature a dead body. You’ll see him continuously stab the dead body (quite brutally to be honest). You will also find him feed some edibles or food to the dead body. He seems to have some serious relationship with it. Who knows?
Please don’t watch this channel videos in night.
   Robert Helpmann Channel Video

7. Marble Hornets
Marble Hornets is a Horror YouTube web series Channel inspired by the Slender Man online mythos. The first video was posted on YouTube on June 20, 2009, following a post that its creator, Troy Wagner, created on the Something Awful forum the previous day. This is a Horror Channel so handle it with some care.
If you are Horror movie lover then this channel is for you.
Marble Hornets Channel Video

8. 01A51CDO Channel
Warning! Highly Disturbing & Creepy videos.
01A51CDO You tube Channel has a highly disturbing content found on YouTube. 01A51CDO channel made only 10 videos but each of them is disturbing in their own bizarre and way. The content creator for the channel was active nearly 6 years ago but suddenly stopped uploading videos one day.
Most of the videos contain static background creepy noise and show various strange clips that make no sense. The only thing that can be seen recurring across the different videos is a clip of a monkey face and a rabbit face. You will also sometimes hear screeching sounds of something screaming while some weird clip starts playing. The last video lasts for only 54 seconds and shows the channel creator stalking two people who got out of their cars. What happened next? No one knows.
  01A51CDO Channel Video

9. Meatsleep Archives
Is this the channel of a serial killer? Who knows?
Meatsleep Archives Channel started out as an extremely weird and disturbing channel filled with esoteric creepy videos. The cryptic nature of the videos led to many people theorizing what was happening. One video showed him stalking a woman who was dipping her feet into a small lake. What was more disturbing about the video was that it was titled, “Longpig” which is a word cannibals use to describe human meat. Many theories came out that it was actually a channel of a serial killer.
What really got this theory more traction was the fact that one his videos covered an actual murder scene. The video showed him shooting an active crime scene where there was a body on the floor covered by a white sheet. Was he a serial killer or just an eccentric creative individual who chose to express his views through disturbing and cryptic videos?
In 2016, he deleted all the videos in his channel and uploaded a single one titled “No more”. The video only has text and explains that he has chosen to shut down his channel willingly due to various harassment issues & some problems. However, you can still find most of his videos on a separate channel named “Meatsleep Archives”. See Channel Videos with Care.
   Meatsleep Archives Channel Video

10. Louise Paxton
This Channel is about Disappearance of Louise Paxton who is a girl moved to London in April 2007 with the hopes of any 23 year old girl. A new house, a new start in the big city. She had her whole life ahead of her. Soon after moving in she became the victim of a campaign of terror orchestrated by an unknown stalker. After being terrorised for two months she disappeared from her home on the 1st July.
So by this Channel her family and friends finding her and request people to help. Last video uploaded in this channel before 11 year. So we hope that her family got Louise Paxton and if not then please help them.
No updates within last 11 year by her family so it’s a mystery that what happened with her.
  Louise Paxton Channel Last Video

Last Line by Indleak
This is the list of the Mysterious You tube channels that exist on YouTube. You can go and check them out and try to decode their secrets.
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